Security & Compliance is one of our greatest strengths

It is important to know who you are dealing with when you trust your cargo with us. This is HCL Logistics, this is how we think, and this is how we move.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure our ability to play a major role in IRB obligations through compliance and security.

We maintain our business, as it pertains to security, through a common practice of “better to have too much, than too little”. Constant risk assessments, not only keeps us compliant, they keep us diligent with the improvement of our Standard Operating Procedures.

As a CGP registered company, with the ability to control Prohibited Firearms, we take our role in the supply chain very serious to ensure Prime Contractors’ expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

With the most up-to-date equipment and highly trained Security Officers, the utmost importance for HCL Logistics is to manage and maintain your critical defense components with the highest level of accuracy.